Mux Mool

Mux Mool’s fusion between hip-hop and electronic music exhibits an elusive cohesion of concept. His discography as a whole is greater than the sum of its parts, championed by entities including Ghostly International, Pretty Lights Music and Adult Swim.

In 1998, Brian Lindgren, aka Mux Mool, started producing music and released his first track “Lost and Found” in 2006, which was named one of iTunes ‘Best Electronic Songs’ of the year alongside Flying Lotus & Justice. After touring the U.S., he released his first studio-length album, “Skulltaste” on Ghostly International in 2010. A song from the effort titled “Get Better John” remains his most successful track to date, garnering 3 million plays on Spotify. He then followed up his first release with the album “Planet High School” in 2012 and “Appetite for Production” in 2014. He was also winner of GameCrate’s 2017 “Game Soundtrack of The Year” award, with the Nidhogg II Original Soundtrack. His most recent album, “Implied Lines”, was released in 2017 on Young Heavy Souls.

Mux Mool has shared the stage alongside acts such as Bassnectar, Pretty Lights, Break Science and Lotus, to name a few. In addition, he and fellow producer Michal Menert went on to launch Super Best Records, signing acts including Krooked Drivers (now Maddy O’Neal) and Late Night Radio. Mux Mool’s latest release is his summer 2020 album “Skulltaste II,” the sonically improved and refined second installment of the critically-acclaimed Skulltaste album. The sequel is a sharper, more streamlined vision that emphasizes his skilled finger drumming and original soundscapes. With the essence of a 2021 album already in the air, the elder statesman Mux Mool continues to add to his already impressive body of work.