Obeah’s most recent release, Life is but a Dream, is a master compilation album featuring skilled producers, such as Chris Karns and Birocratic, and unique vocalists, such as Chuck D and STS, coming together to turn his dream into reality. Tapping into a mix of lucid trap beats and classic boom bap, this album introduces you to the depths of MC Obeah.

Being a refreshing voice in hip hop, Adam Venable is an MC whose stylings are a unique showcase of language and delivery. Hailing from ATL, GA, his lyrical style is steeped in Southern culture with healthy doses of social commentary and soul delving introspection. Never one to shy away from lending his voice to artistic expression, Obeah has lived the vast influence of hip hop across genres and cultures.

From touring the world with Public Enemy under the tutelage of legend Chuck D after signing to his Spit Slam imprint, to keeping heads moving in the electronic scene with Daily Bread, bringing political issues to the forefront of the scene with WAKE, and pushing boundaries with experimental outfit The Difference Machine, this seasoned artist has always followed his purpose: to illuminate through music. With two decades of wisdom garnered in the independent hip hop scene, Obeah is poised to take his poetic prowess to the people with a renewed focus on his solo efforts.